In the Armies of the

Living God

A Novelette Set in the Scriptural Knowledge

of the End Times


Written By Michael K. Pasque


Chapter 1Eternity

This introductory chapter establishes the first person narrative format for the discussion of our relationship to God.  The perspective from which we will view the impact of our life decisions on the initial events of our eternity is described; the real “reality,” the eternal reality, is established.  We are also reminded that when we stand before God at the moment of our death we want to be clothed in white linen washed clean by the shed blood of His Son, Jesus.

Chapter 2The Lamb

This chapter establishes the perspective we will have in eternity, especially as we review our previous life decisions.  Specifically, that perspective is only as the unworthy redeemed who now see things through the eyes of their very personal Redeemer, Jesus.

Chapter 3My Body

Everything has changed.  My body, my eternal body, seems limitless in its ability to absorb the sensations that overwhelm it now.  All that we desire during this life is found in eternity in the person of Jesus Christ.

Chapter 4The Angel Gabriel

Our entering into the presence of Almighty God changes us forever.  Once we have looked upon Him, we can never look away.  We will always stand in His presence.  This chapter explains how the expanded dimensions of eternity enable us to also simultaneously function as fully human interactive members of the body of Christ.

Chapter 5The Word of God to Man

Jesus is the very expression of God to man.  He is the fulfillment of all that is defined in the written Word of God.  We have a very limited view of the Scriptures in light of their eternal importance, depth and perfection.  The written Word of God is perfect and complete.  We can have no grasp of its infinite depth until we stand in the presence of the Living Word, Jesus.

Chapter 6The Reward

Heavenly rewards?  Riches and “ruling 10 cities” were not the point during our lives and they will not be the point in eternity.  Knowing, obeying, loving, and glorifying Jesus is the point now, and will be the reward in heaven.

Chapter 7The Deep

The ever-accelerating cycle of more desire for the knowledge and presence of God accompanied by the immediate satisfaction of that desire, intense effort and yet rest at the same time.  A continually accelerating acceleration of this desire/satisfaction cycle is only possible because we are finite created man exploring the infinity of God.

Chapter 8The Others

This chapter is a reminder of the fate of those who did not choose to believe on the Name that is above all names, Jesus.

Chapter 9The Body of Christ

We will interact with the members of the body of Christ only while seeing them through the eyes of Jesus.  With His perspective, it is easy to love them and delight in them just as Jesus always has.

Chapter 10The Wedding Feast

This chapter reminds us that the first order of business in our eternity with Jesus has been well laid out in the Word of God.  It is a celebration of the Lamb and His bride.

Chapter 11And the Earth Shone With the Glory of the Lord

This chapter reminds us that when Jesus returns to rule from the throne of David, every eye will see Him.  For some it will be a time of joyous rescue and for others it will be a time of unimaginable terror.

Chapter 12The Task at Hand

“Work” takes on a whole new form in our eternity – especially compared to the work that we do now in the midst of a fallen creation.  The first order of the day is to be the rescue of the Jewish remnant.

Chapter 13Apache

In each of our lives God purposely places premonitions of our eternal roles and adventures.  How often we discount these very special, heart felt moments as just the product of meaningless, random happenstance.  They are anything but meaningless and certainly not random.

Chapter 14Sons

Childhood role-playing is not just for adulthood roles in this life.  Role-playing whether in childhood or adulthood has its roots in eternity.

Chapter 15Streaming From Heaven Above

The Bible promises that when Jesus returns to this earth it will be with a specific purpose.  That specific purpose is to right all wrongs and establish his kingdom.  The body of Christ, His redeemed, will have the privilege and honor of returning with Him.

Chapter 16The Fury of Battle

In this chapter the fury of the spiritual warfare that goes on alongside the activity of our daily world is revealed and its impact on our lives is explored.  The armies of the Antichrist will not give up without a fight.

Chapter 17Ground Forces and High-flying Fast Movers

The day of the Lord is characterized by several battles.  The first is the rescue of the Jewish remnant from the armies of the Antichrist that have surrounded their hiding place in Basra.

Chapter 18The Battle for Jerusalem

On the “day of days,” God’s holy city must be recaptured from the besieging armies of the Antichrist.

Chapter 19Armageddon

Jesus fights the final battle on the plains of Armageddon in the presence of all.  He is the Living Word.  He is the fulfillment of the written Word is the very expression of God to man.  The word of His mouth rules the battlefield that day.

Chapter 20The Procession

After the enemies of God have been vanquished, the fulfillment of prophecy concerning the establishment of the rule of Jesus on the throne of David begins the millennium.

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