In the Armies of the Living God

A Novelette Set in the Scriptural Knowledge

of the End Times


Written By Michael K. Pasque

Nothing in this life happens to us by accident.  Our everyday encounters with the people around us, the challenges, tests, and trials that we face each day, and the deep heart desires that are unique to each of us are all critical components of our preparation for the very special eternity God has planned for each of us.  Since these daily events have their origins in eternity, they offer us a very special premonition of our unique, God-ordained role in eternity as a vital participant in the body of Christ.  God envisioned this eternal role before time began and it is reflected directly in the lives that He has decreed for us.  These day-to-day events, thoughts, and deep desires often don’t make sense to us in this life because we take a world-oriented view instead of a Biblically-based, eternal perspective.  The goal of this book is to challenge this world-oriented view and to take a fresh look at our daily lives the way that God sees them – and the way that we will view them from eternity.  To do this, we must take a long hard look at the decisions we make every single day and their potential impact on our eternity.  The best way to characterize this unique viewpoint is from the somewhat novel perspective of a redeemed sinner viewing his life from eternity.  That is the format of this book.  Jesus Christ is the center of this book.  It is ultimately and purposely about Him.  As such, the foundation of this book is the truth of Holy Scripture.

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