Most Holy Warrior

The Biblical Story of Jesus Christ Before Bethlehem


Written By Michael K. Pasque

We are all warriors at heart.  A critical question remains:  Why?

We develop the heart of a warrior when we seek Jesus because Jesus is and always has been a warrior. This is not to disparage the humility, compassion, mercy, and love that flow from the New Testament characterization of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If the Word of God is to be accepted in its entirety, however, Old Testament battle descriptions of the Warrior of warriors must also be included in forming the complete picture of Jesus.  These descriptions tell us that Jesus also has the heart of a warrior.  Not only will this warrior heart be manifest on the Day of the Lord, but it has already been revealed in Old Testament battle.

Jesus was a fierce Old Testament warrior.

I hope you will not just dismiss this out of hand.  The evidence really is compelling.  The story is amazing.  I am a lover of the Old Testament and have spent several years documenting the evidence that the incarnate Son of God was physically engaged in fierce Old Testament battle.  Intrigued?

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